Huma Mobin, 29 and her husband Arsalaan Sever Butt, 29 first met at a wedding back in March 2013. The couple got married in Lahore, Pakistan in December 2015. Pakistani bride who posted hilarious photos of her honeymooning in Greece alone last year? And got viral on different media’s.

Last year, the couple had planned a 10-day trip to Greece, but sadly Arsalaan wasn’t granted a visa by the embassy, forcing her to go with her in-laws instead. Huma then took up her own honeymoon project to show how much she missed her husband. She asked her in-laws to take a picture and posed visibly miserable without him. The photos that she posted on Facebook became a viral sensation. People not only appreciated her misery, but also told her it was 9gag worthy.

At least this year they both made honeymoon.

She wrote her on twitter @humamobin


Arsalaan and I have been sponsored by Intercontinental Hotel Group for a well-deserved honeymoon in Europe! This time HIS VISA CAME THROUGH.

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Thank you all for all your love!”