When the Government, the Opposition and Military is busy in NAP. Making legislation to control terrorism. Trying their utmost efforts to put Madrasahs and Semenaries on the right path and to control, religious, sectarian and ethnic frustration. Print, Electronic and Social Media are highlighting and covering incidents, Operation Zarab e Azab, Political Statements and Press Conferences.
When 23 terrorists hanged in different parts of country jails. When Ministry of Interior banned Haqqanis, JUD and other outfits and put them into terrorist list.
When schools implementing tight security measures and rises high fees. When John Kerry has visited Pakistan recently and says loudly “Do more” to our Government and Establishment.
The responsibility at this moment on our public shoulders is set to be clear. Not to break laws in any means and methods.
This is my request to the Provisional Governments, Transport Department and Law Enforcement Agencies take strict action against public and private transporters who are responsible to display religious, sectarian, ethnic and political promotional messages and pictures on their vehicles.
These promotions are the major cause of frustration and source of fanaticism.
Lets set the law for future of Pakistan and for generations.
Long live Pakistan