Recently 50 young boys age between 15 to 22 years were arrested by Shara e Faisal Police, Karachi. Only one bike rider had a license. Remaining they were without a license and bike papers.The reason was to arrest them, they are racing. And the betting price on racing, which was 40,000 to 60,000. On every weekend, dozens of young bike riders came across from diffrent part of city Karachi to the different spots for racing.They put their lives in danger. There 70cc extended engines are the key to winning. I saw dozens of young bike riders risking their lives with their partners. Wheeling on a single wheel and riding in heavy traffic which cause them trouble.Many times I saw terrible accidents which cause death and injuries. It’s a duty of traffic police to crack down more and more on these terrible young riders and confiscate their bikes and would not be returning until they get punished.Another important thing is there are several complaints by citizens of snatching cell phones and precious things by bike riders who move in large numbers. Mostly complain recorded on the Shara e Faisal belt. I request to the parents not to give the bike to their under age child. Respect law your child will respect.