After 1971 Pakistan and India war in Bangladesh (Former East Pakistan) 100′s of Pakistani’s Bengalis families refuse to go to the Bangladesh. The reason was, they were born and grew in Pakistan.

After 5 decades, Pakistani bengali’s are still in Pakistan with huge population. Doing their jobs, running their business, doing politics… etc.. Their contribution in Pakistani economy is same as like other Pakistanis

Late Muhammad Mahmood Alam (Sitara e Jurat) known as M.M Alam Pakistani fighter pilot who served Pakistan Air Force as a squadron leader, commander of no 11 squadron in 1965 down 5 Indian fighter jet planes in less than a minute was a Pakistani Bengali

Barrister Shahida Jamil a renowned law practitioner is also Pakistani Bengali. She served as a Law Minister in 1999 in Sindh cabinet. Later she served in different ministries till 2007 – 2008

Munni Begum (Nadira) a renowned classical singer, now lives in Chicago, USA is a Pakistani Bengali

Alamgir a legend and versatile vocalist who sang patriotic songs late in 70′s early 80′s and 90′s and his songs still copied by our young and forever blossom in our heart is Pakistani Bengali

Roopa Faruki novelist and British citizen done his higher training in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is also a Pakistani Bengali

Major (Retd) Ikram Sehgal leading and top rated on electronic, print media defense analyst and security expert is also a Pakistani Bengali

There are several hundreds of top liners Pakistani Bengalis who not only represented Pakistan as a Pakistani also their participation as a responsible citizen on every platform

As a nation, we never accept Pakistani Bengalis as a citizen of Pakistan after 1971. If you play Cricket or any game their support is always side by side. T20 Bangladesh is an example. Where Bengali spectator supports the Pakistani cricket team. Even Bangladesh Government ban flags of other countries in stadium. This was an indirect attempt on the Pakistani cricket team. But government can’t stop the binge public and withdraw their decision

Common Pakistani bengali’s are facing huge problems since Pakistan came to the democratic road. Many Pakistani Bengalis CNIC, Passports, Domicile and other documents, cancelled, suspended and blocked on the order of government. They were challenged being a citizen of Pakistan in our respectable courts. Now they are treating aliens. Federal and Provincial Law and Order institutions threatening them directly

Those who serve more than 30 years or less in government institutions were forced to resign or retired forcefully. I met with many Pakistani Bengalis who love this country, born in this country, get an education, worked in this country and now living in miserable condition because of Pakistani Bengalis

In this situation there generation still on hope. One day they will be recognized as a Pakistani Bengalis

One of the educated middle class Pakistani, Bengali family whom I know personally send their son to the US for higher education and he completed his PHD in computing is returning on his family desires to serve Pakistan. Now a days he is a lecturer in the top leading engineering university

Its my request to the Government of Pakistan , Respectable Institutions to accept pakistani bengali’s as a citizen of pakistan and give them a same status like other pakistani’s