I was assigned as a Chief Polling Agent PS 117 , Karachi  for  Election 2013. This PS is under NA 252. My fellow colleagues worked hard day and night. From distribution of handbills to organizing corner meetings.

I am a worker of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. I was sitting with PS 117 candidate Mr.Ahsan Jabbar on 10th of eve and we were discussing about polling stations and work force. Total number of work force was require 400+ and we only arranged 200. I was very much concerned, due to shortage of workforce.

There was another problem, we received information from our sources about polling stations. Polling stations was changed in PS 117 as well as other part of city dilebratley. And that was true, which we got confirmed in the morning.

On the election day i castes my vote and went to PS 117 camp. Voters came to our camp and register complain about St Lawrence School 64 , where voting was not started yet and voters were very much angry. People was desperate to cast there vote and voting material was not delivered to the station by ECP.

We asked to presiding officer , who was sitting in the corner, candidate Ahsan Jabbar asked him when voting process will be start. He said he dont know. On the other end in same polling station casting of vote started and polling boxes without seal where on table. We protest in front of authorities but no body listened to us.

The role of Law Enforcement Agencies were un coporative and aggressive too. Twice i had harsh chat with them. They were assigned to monitor polling  stations but  they couldn’t.

After few hours i left polling station and start visiting to other polling stations in same constituency. Juful Hurst GBBS Soldiers Bazar, Jehangir Rd 3, KMC School Soldier Bazar, GBBS Pakistan Quarters, GGHHS Bengali Lasbella, Govt Elementary Old Lalu Khait Nishtar Road, GBBS Clayton Rd, GBBS Jail Rd and many others. I visited each polling station.

Many polling station was in hostile situation. MQM total control on these polling stations. They hijacked station by force. They beaten our polling staff, they threat to the common voter, by force the stamp on kite. It was there duty which was assigned by the 90.

In many polling station total vote cast is above the actual numbers. Which means fake votes was cast.  We were winning in PS 117 on NA and PS. But lately the result was changed.

ECP 8300 services which help voters to find there polling station,block code and serial was suspended in many areas. Voters continuously calling and visiting our camp to find out , where they ve to cast there votes. But unfortunately suspension of services create chaos.

We register our complain to media and it seems they fear from Badmash n Company. Several times we called them but they didnt came to us as.

Remember Dr.Saghir Ahmed candidate from MQM won by 43,924 and Ahsan Jabbar from PTI got 21,750.

Dr Saghir Ahmed won before.

The tolerance n temperament of our rivals specially MQM was 0%.

MQM leadership blather.

Independent commission must be form and investigation about brutal rigging,harassment, hijacking,bashing must be done by Superior authorities.

I also demand for re polling in PS 117.