Letter To Editor Daily Dawn Karachi

I am surprised to read in your 23rd, March Newspaper Edition about that Word Press has been blocked by the PTA. And the speculated reason was to close blogging website to link with security preparation of Pakistan Day.

Daily Dairies, Poems, Market Reviews, Tech News, Political Reviews and many global subjects are the daily part of Word Press.

In fact, blogging websites are not so much popular in popular in Pakistan. Accept few of them. Due to their policies and hosting qualities. Word Press is free with offering 3 GB space.

I write regularly on Word Press. It helps me to express my concerns and share information with other bloggers.

Its an opportunity for us.

Its my request to the PTA not to ban this blogging website. And if there are some pages on this website they can restrict those pages rather than to ban whole side



Government,Public And Transporters

When the Government, the Opposition and Military is busy in NAP. Making legislation to control terrorism. Trying their utmost efforts to put Madrasahs and Semenaries on the right path and to control, religious, sectarian and ethnic frustration. Print, Electronic and Social Media are highlighting and covering incidents, Operation Zarab e Azab, Political Statements and Press Conferences.
When 23 terrorists hanged in different parts of country jails. When Ministry of Interior banned Haqqanis, JUD and other outfits and put them into terrorist list.
When schools implementing tight security measures and rises high fees. When John Kerry has visited Pakistan recently and says loudly “Do more” to our Government and Establishment.
The responsibility at this moment on our public shoulders is set to be clear. Not to break laws in any means and methods.
This is my request to the Provisional Governments, Transport Department and Law Enforcement Agencies take strict action against public and private transporters who are responsible to display religious, sectarian, ethnic and political promotional messages and pictures on their vehicles.
These promotions are the major cause of frustration and source of fanaticism.
Lets set the law for future of Pakistan and for generations.
Long live Pakistan



In 1984 – Two Saudi Arabian fighter pilots shot down two American-built Iranian F-4 fighters today, Saudi and United States officials said.

The Saudi pilots were flying American-built F-15’s and had help from United States aerial tanker planes and surveillance planes, they said.

In London, President Reagan was said to be concerned that the Saudi air action could intensify the fighting.

In Kuwait, Western and Arab officials described the aerial fight as a widening of the conflict. Iran said 600 people were killed in an Iraqi air raid on the town of Baneh, but did not make any immediate comment on the aerial clash with the Saudis.

Three More Radar Planes on Way

At the same time, the Defense Department announced that three additional surveillance planes were being sent to Saudi Arabia. One such plane was sent out last weekend.

The Saudi Ambassador, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who is a fighter pilot himself, said at his embassy here: ”Our sovereignty was violated and we reacted, as we said we would all along, in a defensive manner.”

In the aerial engagement today, F-15’s, the United States Air Force’s most powerful fighters, were used by the Saudis against Iran’s F-4’s, fighter- bombers of Vietnam War vintage, and fired American-made air-to-air missiles to bring down the Iranian planes. Saudi Position Is Stated

Prince Bandar, who is a son of the Saudi Defense Minister, said:

”We think it is a pity we had to be dragged into this conflict. We are determined to defend our country. People should not mix up moderation with consent. We do not consent, nor do we find it amusing to be attacked or for our interests to be attacked.”

He was apparently alluding to Saudi diplomatic efforts to persuade Iran to cease its attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf.

A Middle Eastern diplomat said the aerial fight occurred in Saudi airspace near an islet named Al Arabiyah, about 60 miles northeast of Jubail. The Saudi planes jumped the Iranian planes as they prepared to attack two ships and shot them down with missiles, he said.

Shortly after, Iran sent up 11 more F-4’s that were picked up on radar, he said. In response, Saudi Arabia put 11 more F-15’s into the air. After a brief standoff, the Iranian fighters broke off, and the Saudis returned, the diplomat said. American officials and Middle Eastern diplomats said a United States flying tanker had refueled the two Saudi planes while they were on patrol before the aerial fight while an American radar plane provided the information that enabled the Saudi fighters to find the Iranian planes.

In a related development, the Defense Department’s chief spokesman, Michael I. Burch, said at a briefing that United States warships would fire at planes or ships that threatened American oilers carrying fuel from the gulf to Navy ships in the Arabian Sea.

”We will do everything possible to protect U.S. vessels,” he said.

Mr. Burch, in response to questions, denied that American warships were escorting Kuwaiti or American merchant ships in the Persian Gulf. But he said the four warships in the gulf were keeping the Navy’s oilers under surveillance.

The Middle Eastern diplomat said the Saudi Air Force, which has 61 F-15’s, began flying continuous daylight air patrols after a United States Air Force KC-10 aerial tanker arrived early last week. Intermittent Night Patrols

He said the Saudis were also flying intermittent patrols at night. The KC- 10 tanker, along with three KC-135 tankers already in Saudi Arabia, make possible longer patrols by refueling planes in flight. Saudi Arabia claims airspace extending 12 miles from its shores. Since the island of Al Arabiyah is considered Saudi territory, the country also claims the airspace in the 12 miles surrounding the island.

As recounted by the diplomat, the two Saudi planes were on patrol when they were alerted that two Iranian F-4’s, flying from a base at Bushire, were streaking toward two ships.

The Saudi fighters headed for the Iranian jets, which turned away and flew just above the water. The Saudis pursued and, with one missile each, shot down the Iranian planes. Initial radar reports showed only one Iranian plane destroyed, but videotapes from the Saudi planes later showed two.

About 30 minutes later, the Saudi air defense system, into which information from the American radar planes is fed, reported that 11 more jets had taken off from Bushire and were flying across the gulf. The Saudis responded by putting up their 11 jets, but no fight ensued.

The Pentagon spokesman, Mr. Burch, indicated that American radar planes were not in danger of being attacked since they remain over Saudi Arabia and out of Iranian fighter range. Moreover, the radar planes can spot potential attackers 200 miles away and fly out of their range.

The dispatch of four United States radar planes equipped with maritime detection devices began last weekend when the first was sent to Saudi Arabia to replace one of the four older models on duty there. Newer Models More Advanced

The newer radar planes, of which the United States has 10 in a fleet of 34, can monitor surface ships, both moving and still, and distinguish between a large tanker and a small warship.

The older versions are unable to spot ships. Neither version can spot vehicles on land unless they are moving more than 80 miles an hour.

The radar information is fed into computers for collation and transmitted to a ground station. In Saudi Arabia, the radar planes send their data to an American ground station, which relay it to a Saudi operations center. So far, officials said, the radar planes have not communicated directly with Saudi fighters.

Mr. Burch declined to discuss the effect of the Saudi deployment on United States military operations elsewhere. One or two of the maritime versions are used in training, according to Pentagon officials, while others are on duty in Iceland to watch the North Atlantic and still others in Okinawa to watch the Western Pacific.

President Reagan was described today as concerned that the downing of Iranian jets by Saudi fighters, with the assistance of a United States radar plane, could widen the war in the Persian Gulf.

A senior Administration official said at a briefing that the Saudi action had been in legitimate self-defense.

”The President was concerned to the extent that it represented an escalation in tension and in violence,” the official said. He added that Mr. Reagan was ”conscious that there was no apparent requirement for U.S. assistance of any kind, or involvement, other than to caution restraint on both sides.”

Bike Riders

Recently 50 young boys age between 15 to 22 years were arrested by Shara e Faisal Police, Karachi. Only one bike rider had a license. Remaining they were without a license and bike papers.The reason was to arrest them, they are racing. And the betting price on racing, which was 40,000 to 60,000. On every weekend, dozens of young bike riders came across from diffrent part of city Karachi to the different spots for racing.They put their lives in danger. There 70cc extended engines are the key to winning. I saw dozens of young bike riders risking their lives with their partners. Wheeling on a single wheel and riding in heavy traffic which cause them trouble.Many times I saw terrible accidents which cause death and injuries. It’s a duty of traffic police to crack down more and more on these terrible young riders and confiscate their bikes and would not be returning until they get punished.Another important thing is there are several complaints by citizens of snatching cell phones and precious things by bike riders who move in large numbers. Mostly complain recorded on the Shara e Faisal belt. I request to the parents not to give the bike to their under age child. Respect law your child will respect.

The Pakistani Bengali’s r they aliens or still pakistani’s

After 1971 Pakistan and India war in Bangladesh (Former East Pakistan) 100′s of Pakistani’s Bengalis families refuse to go to the Bangladesh. The reason was, they were born and grew in Pakistan.

After 5 decades, Pakistani bengali’s are still in Pakistan with huge population. Doing their jobs, running their business, doing politics… etc.. Their contribution in Pakistani economy is same as like other Pakistanis

Late Muhammad Mahmood Alam (Sitara e Jurat) known as M.M Alam Pakistani fighter pilot who served Pakistan Air Force as a squadron leader, commander of no 11 squadron in 1965 down 5 Indian fighter jet planes in less than a minute was a Pakistani Bengali

Barrister Shahida Jamil a renowned law practitioner is also Pakistani Bengali. She served as a Law Minister in 1999 in Sindh cabinet. Later she served in different ministries till 2007 – 2008

Munni Begum (Nadira) a renowned classical singer, now lives in Chicago, USA is a Pakistani Bengali

Alamgir a legend and versatile vocalist who sang patriotic songs late in 70′s early 80′s and 90′s and his songs still copied by our young and forever blossom in our heart is Pakistani Bengali

Roopa Faruki novelist and British citizen done his higher training in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is also a Pakistani Bengali

Major (Retd) Ikram Sehgal leading and top rated on electronic, print media defense analyst and security expert is also a Pakistani Bengali

There are several hundreds of top liners Pakistani Bengalis who not only represented Pakistan as a Pakistani also their participation as a responsible citizen on every platform

As a nation, we never accept Pakistani Bengalis as a citizen of Pakistan after 1971. If you play Cricket or any game their support is always side by side. T20 Bangladesh is an example. Where Bengali spectator supports the Pakistani cricket team. Even Bangladesh Government ban flags of other countries in stadium. This was an indirect attempt on the Pakistani cricket team. But government can’t stop the binge public and withdraw their decision

Common Pakistani bengali’s are facing huge problems since Pakistan came to the democratic road. Many Pakistani Bengalis CNIC, Passports, Domicile and other documents, cancelled, suspended and blocked on the order of government. They were challenged being a citizen of Pakistan in our respectable courts. Now they are treating aliens. Federal and Provincial Law and Order institutions threatening them directly

Those who serve more than 30 years or less in government institutions were forced to resign or retired forcefully. I met with many Pakistani Bengalis who love this country, born in this country, get an education, worked in this country and now living in miserable condition because of Pakistani Bengalis

In this situation there generation still on hope. One day they will be recognized as a Pakistani Bengalis

One of the educated middle class Pakistani, Bengali family whom I know personally send their son to the US for higher education and he completed his PHD in computing is returning on his family desires to serve Pakistan. Now a days he is a lecturer in the top leading engineering university

Its my request to the Government of Pakistan , Respectable Institutions to accept pakistani bengali’s as a citizen of pakistan and give them a same status like other pakistani’s







Relations between Husband and Wife



“And among His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find comfort and repose in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.”  Quran

It has already been pointed out that marriage is more than love. Indeed, it must be fed by love, but in essence it is a communion of life. What true love seeks is realized in marriage. Love becomes “serious” because it concerns the whole of human life. Marriage consists of a life of work and worry, joy and sorrow, sickness and health; it involves being young and becoming old, dealing with small and big problems, coping with internal and external troubles, and facing individual and social questions, all in loving communication with each other.

  • Good Attitude – A Muslim must always have a positive attitude toward life. We say, “Alhamdulillah” (Praise be to Allah) for whatever He gives us (or doesn’t give us).
  • Help – Our Prophet (peace be upon him) stressed the importance of men helping their wives and Allah tells us the importance of women being mates and helpers to their husbands. This is a real “win-win” situation, if we just follow it.
  • Trust – Muslims, men and women are ordered to be trustworthy and follow the example of our prophet (peace be upon him) as the “Trustworthy”
  • Respect – You get respect, when you give respect. This is mandatory for all Muslims toward all people, how much more toward the spouse?
  • Joy – Our prophet (peace be upon him) used to entertain his wife Aysha (peace be upon her) and she used to play and race with him. She said, “I used to out-run him, but then when I got heavy he used to outrun me”. He told us to play with our wives and have some fun.
  • Forgiveness – Clearly, this is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Whoever does not forgive – will not be forgiven. This comes from Allah, Himself. We must learn to forgive each others for a good relationship
  • Time – Spend time together. Go for walks. Take a bus ride. Visit a friend or someone who is ill (you get big rewards for that). Fast together on Mondays & Thursdays if you can. Make hajj – this is a great way to get a “new start” on life
  • Worship – Our prophet, peace be upon him, used to lead his wife in salat, even though he lived connected to the mosque. He told us not to make our homes like graveyards. We should offer some of our sunnah prayers at home
It is important for a husband to understand that his words have tremendous power in his wife’s life. He needs to bless her with words. She’s given her life to love and care for him, to partner with him, to create a family together, to nurture his children. If he is always finding fault in something she’s doing, always putting her down, he will reap horrendous problems in his marriage and in his life. Moreover, many women today are depressed and feel emotionally abused because their husbands do not bless them with their words. One of the leading causes of emotional breakdowns among married women is the fact that women do not feel valued. One of the main reasons for that deficiency is because husbands are willfully or unwittingly withholding the words of approval women so desperately desire. If you want to see God do wonders in your marriage, start praising your spouse. Start appreciating and encouraging her. Every single day, a husband should tell his wife, “I love you. I appreciate you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” A wife should do the same for her husband. Your relationship would improve immensely if you’d simply start speaking kind, positive words, blessing your spouse instead of cursing him or her.”
         Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential
Husband and wife tend to settle in a routine in which both of them feel like they are taken for granted. Love and affection should always be expressed in the relation of husband and wife. Like every problem has a solution, there is a number of ways which one can help to maintain a healthy and lovely relation between husband and wife
Studies show that marriage offers many benefits. According to Olson and Olson (2000), “Married people tend to be healthier, live longer, have more wealth and economic assets, and have more satisfying sexual relationships than single or cohabiting individuals. In addition, children generally do better emotionally and academically when they are raised in two-parent families”
The physical benefits are widely supported by research. Several recent studies, for example, found heart benefits that are particularly dramatic for men. At Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, researchers assessing the marital intimacy of 10,000 married couples asked the husbands: “Does your wife show you her love?” The husbands who answered yes reported having significantly less chest pain within the next five years than the men who answered no (Ornish, 1998). In another study of 119 men and 40 women, Yale scientists found that husbands who reported feeling loved and supported by their wives had less artery-blockage than those who did not.
Intimacy is an important part of a vibrant, loving marriage. Intimacy can be experienced at many levels, including physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial and recreational. Intimacy is nurtured through mutual trust, tenderness, acceptance, open communication, caring, apologies, forgiveness and respecting boundaries. Couples can work together to increase their intimacy in each area as they build their marriage through the years

Husbands was designed by God to be the leader of  family,
Womens was designed by God to love his husband and her family,
Secret recipe of Husband and Wife🙂